The e-lightkeeper is Cindy Gauthier, former Principal of the Vancouver Learning Network (VLN) in Vancouver, British Columbia. Now a writer and an e-learning consultant, she worked in distance education, open schooling and online learning for 20 years.  She has been immersed in education ever since walking the plank during some bizarre kinetic test used to determine physical readiness for Grade 1.  She has been at sea ever since. Perhaps even more bizarre is the fact that she is writing about herself in the third person on this bio page.  She likes the literary license.  She also likes the distance sometimes.

Having very fond memories of her own years in school, she ended up becoming a teacher and doing graduate work in education. She earned a Master’s degree in Communications, Media and Technology from the University of British Columbia in the days when a thesis took up exactly the amount of memory that the hard drive on a brand new Macintosh could handle (minus three paragraphs and the operating system commands to “save” and “print”).

The e-lighthouse blog contains the views and experiences of the author only and does not represent the views of past employers or current associates.

Please feel free to leave a comment in response to blog posts.  Beyond the delights of the written word, this medium encourages interaction and the exploration of new thoughts and ideas.  If you’d prefer to send a direct email to the author, she may be contacted at elightkeeper@gmail.com.

Information posted on this blog may be used under the creative commons permissions.

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