Posted by: elightkeeper | February 7, 2014

Changing the bulbs at the elighthouse

You know when they tell you that it only takes minutes to update your blog? All you have to do is export and import content, and within minutes, your blog can have a brand new look? It is as easy as changing a lightbulb. Yeah, not so fast.

While the technology may be relatively simple, things always get a little messed up when you start altering the basic elements of your blog. Monkeying around with widgets and other tech bits is to be expected. All it takes is mapping out what you’ve got, mapping out what you want to have when it’s done, and following a few steps in reasonable order. Apart from those three things, a healthy dose of patience will prevent tech things from going completely sideways on you.

I’ve been finding my blog very stale and uninspired for a quite some time. I recently set out to choose a new theme and upgrade the basic look of it.  But once I started updating the layout, I found that cosmetics weren’t the main problem. While the makeover was great, it was me – the person behind the blog – who had become disconnected from it.

In the past six months, my creative life has surfaced and quite literally wiped out things that had been front and centre for years during my career.  I have been like Humpty Dumpty for a very long time, lying around on the ground in a bunch of disconnected pieces. It was easier to stay like that than get back up on the wall and potentially fall again. And, of course, there was that problem with the King’s Horses and the King’s men.

I’m starting to integrate the partitioned pieces of my creative life into this blog.  It is taking much longer than expected and I still can’t exactly say how it will evolve in the coming months. Turns out that changing the lightbulbs at the elighthouse has called for a few new fixtures and a bit of rewiring as well.

In the meantime, the lights are still on, somebody is home, and a blog update is coming this way very soon!



  1. This post really resonates for me. Recently, I redesigned my blog, using one of WordPress’s premium templates and then personalizing it. But soon after that, I stopped writing because writing about my crazy life was conflicting with crazily writing my novel. I could either opine or create. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. Better than posting every day about loading the dishwasher.

    I’d be interested in hearing more about what you’re working on, creatively.

    • It sounds like you hit a similar dilemma, Maureen. It is one thing to fix up a blog with a template to obtain a fresh look. It is quite another to shift content and intent so the blog moves in a new direction.

      The loading of a dishwasher can be engaging if it is written with truth and imagination. Perhaps we witness a killer place a bloody kitchen knife among the silverware in our mother’s dishwasher, but we don’t know who the killer is because we are hidden behind the winter coats in the hall closet and can only see a section of a man’s right forearm. Or maybe the opened dishwasher reveals Brian’s dripping cashmere sweater vest among the steaming plates, and at first Agnes is puzzled because she could have sworn she had taken that vest to the drycleaner (when was that?) but then she worries she has made a terrible mistake again (what is that drycleaner doing washing cashmere like that?) and as she stands there with the dishwasher agape, her glasses suddenly fog up and she starts to cry.

      Now here I have run away with this example. Point is, this humble appliance has as much ability to contribute to an interesting narrative as anything else. We must write what we know, yes?

      As for my creative pursuits, I make up stuff and set it adrift, like flotsam and jetsam, delightful garbage and curious treasure.

  2. When we enter this crazy online world we hope for smooth sailing, but soon find that choppy waters mean continual ‘adjusting the sails’. Wishing you we’ll in the next phase of your journey. Cheers! Kaarina

    • When you described your three years of blogging, I could relate to the phases you went through. I think the tech phase came first for me as I worked in the virtual world and had to be in that cutting edge place long before blogging was invented. But whatever the order of our experiences, whether we are talking about blogging or life, the common theme is change. It is all about continually adjusting the sails! Thanks for your wishes and comments! Cindy

  3. Retire then rewire!

    • Good one! Reglue and renew works as well.

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