Posted by: elightkeeper | April 21, 2011

Learner, Interrupted – The Sequel

As promised at my workshop Monday morning,  I have posted (copyright police, please cut me some slack here) the “Coles Notes Edition” of my 20 minute presentation of “Learner, Interrupted”.   You can find that content here.  It  has been very quickly banged out from a rough audio recording I made while driving to Bikrams Yoga in Richmond (20 minutes in light mid-day traffic) so if you imagine me talking to you as if you were in the passenger seat of my car,  you will find the cadence of the script altogether more logical and pleasing.

I had hoped to provide conference participants with a link to the online recording of our webcast, offering yet another modality with which to approach this review. Sadly, it would appear that the record button did not get clicked on the Elluminate session for David Wees and I.  Oh well. Shift happens. But I really do suggest you go to the recording page of the Learn Now BC conference site to listen to something else you missed as the other webcasts were successfully recorded. In addition, if you are an educator and not yet a member of the Community of Expertise in Educational Technology (CEET), you might consider joining.  It is a hub of connection and packed with resources.

A wealth of information and ideas converged at the conference this year. When I get a few minutes, I’m going to listen to the sessions that I missed.  I’ll likely listen to some of the presentations I actually attended as well, just to refresh some of the key concepts that inspired my thinking.  Today, I’m back in my office at the school, catching up on everything that caught fire in my absence.  It is fortuitous that the Easter Weekend is upon us as my brain needs to go home for a rest and take some time to soak in everything from the past few days.  I can honestly say that my mental bandwidth was maxed out at peak times during the conference.  If my brain was a video on YouTube,  you could say it went viral on several occasions.  This is a very positive and exhilarating experience, but it is also quite exhausting.  That is another post. 

I have several other posts I wish to write as a result of the conference. All of them would be offshoots of themes and ideas that unexpectedly appeared on the landscape of the conference, shaking the ground beneath my feet  like a herd of stampeding buffalo outside the office of George Couros in Stony Plain, Alberta.  As the dust clears, here are some of the tracks that remain behind for me:

  • putting an end to restrictive, controlling practices around technology in education
  • building broad engagement and relationship with students, teachers, parents  and community. 
  • moving away from a focus on content and knowledge retention to creative,  process-based learning with relevant goals and applications 
  • teaching students HOW to use social media  through self-filtering (self-regulation) in ways that are relevant, healthy and ethical
  • adopting open education practices as a means of reforming a floundering, unsustainable system and building global citizenry
  • advocating for the millions of children in the world who still do not have any access to education

The question is, where to start? Do any of these speak to you?


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