Posted by: elightkeeper | April 11, 2011

Learner, Interrupted -The Prequel

On Monday, April 18th, in Vancouver, I will be giving a 20 minute presentation at the “2011 Digital Learning Spring Conference – Personalized Learning for the 21st Century” (or DLSCPLFT21C, as I like to call it).  I know what you are thinking:  that’s an awfully long title to cram onto a conference t-shirt.  Even more troublesome, at a conference devoted to personalized learning, one would expect everyone to have a t-shirt with something different written on it.  You can see why the whole t-shirt thing is unwieldy. Don’t expect one as a door prize.

The three keynotes for the upcoming conference are worth the price of admission alone:  George Couros and his brother Alec Couros bring new meaning to the notion that 1+1>2 when it comes to educational thinking and innovation; Sir John Daniel, who is President and CEO of the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), brings a wealth of experience and an international perspective to the conference, particularly when we pause to think bigger than ourselves and see that improving education globally begins with the sharing of open resources and expertise beyond borders. COL is an organization I have done some work with in recent years and I’m really looking forward to seeing Sir John Daniel at the conference this year.  

The title of my session is “Learner, Interrupted”.   Just to be clear, I did not opt for a 20 minute session because I find it hard to stay focussed for much longer than that myself.  On the contrary, twenty minutes really speaks to me.  It’s like 20 is the new 50, when it comes to optimal attention span. You’ll have to attend the session to learn more about that bold and temporarily unsubstantiated claim.

On the conference website, I posted the following session summary:

“It is no secret that the digital world is enabling students to access unprecedented amounts of global information and mediated experience. Educational practice must shift to reflect the needs of global citizenry, abiding by and with the distractions, to ultimately reframe our view of what it means to learn. “Learner, Interrupted” will outline the current place learners find themselves in and some of the things we need to consider as educators in this rapidly changing world.”

Date/Time: Monday, April 18, 10:45 – 11:30
Type: 20 minutes
Location: Barclay
Available Online

Those of you with a sharp eye for detail will immediately notice that my 20 minute session appears to be blocked off for 45 minutes.  Indeed it has! This is because I will be doing a back-to-back session with the inimitable David Wees – he will start, I will follow, and I expect the five minutes between our sessions will be just enough to carry off an excerpt of the pas de deux from Black Swan.  I am delighted to be paired with David, who is a forward-thinking educator and an incredibly resourceful person.  Although David is from Vancouver, I will meet him in person for the first time at EdCamp Vancouver this Saturday, an event billed as an “unconference” to build connections through revolutionary professional learning. This event will precede the conference next week and will be held at John Oliver Secondary in Vancouver, which is also the home of the Vancouver Learning Network.

David’s session is titled, “How Communication Tools Are Changing Education”, which has everything to do with what I will be talking about immediately following his presentation.

For those of you who cannot be there in person, this joint session is scheduled to be webcast. For more information about registration for either on site or online sessions, please go here.

If you cannot attend, I will be posting related content here at the e-lighthouse.  If you are attending, come early to the session. I expect that David will draw a large crowd.  You will believe in the networking power of Twitter when you see it in action. 

I look forward to meeting many of you at the conference!



  1. Hey Cindy, Interesting blog!I love the humor and I know you are a great presenter, so I am looking forward to the 20 (45)minutes:-)

    • Thanks, Frances. Looking forward to catching up with you at the conference! Cindy

  2. Awesome – also looking forward to connecting. Thanks for the positive note here – I hope we don’t disappoint!

    • Not possible unless your plane is diverted to Seattle… Cindy

  3. Oh man, I hope my presentation is good if I’m going to draw a crowd! Thanks for the shout-out, I’m looking forward to seeing your presentation as well.

    • It may be a few dancers short of a flashmob, but 140 characters of fame can lead to surprising outcomes! 🙂

  4. Looking forward to connecting 🙂

    • It will be great to meet and hear the twitterific Couros brothers. See you soon!

  5. Hi Helen,
    Thanks for dropping by the e-lighthouse. “See you” in person (or online)! Cindy

  6. Love the humor in your synopsis. Look forward to your presentation!

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