Posted by: elightkeeper | March 18, 2011

Playing for Change

Today is the last day of school before a two-week Spring Break and District Closure in Vancouver. For the first time since this school opened in 1990, the Vancouver Learning Network is closing along with all the other schools in the district.  Although our physical site will be closed and the staff will be away, the doors to our online classrooms remain open for students to access coursework and readings.  Many students will choose to use time over Spring Break to catch up or get started in an online course.  But while they may do some work independently, all the instruction and support we typically provide to them will not be available.  Course discussions, live chat, online tutorials and conferences, face-to-face sessions, student counselling,  program advising, learning assistance, cybrarian assistance – these are only some of the things that a vibrant online school provides almost year round. 

To the VLN teachers and staff who are leaving for this rare closure, I would like to acknowledge all of you here for the things you do to help students be successful. You are all contributing to something much bigger than all of us can even imagine. Your innovative and frequently ground-breaking work is shaping the future of education.  Even in turbulent waters, you always keep your paddles in the water and pull together for the sake of the school and our students.

I’d like to share a video from an inspirational organization called “Playing for Change”.  It celebrates the importance of creative expression, the positive benefits that technology can bring,  the power in connectedness, and ultimately, the freedom that education provides to children of the world. 

When you have some time, or are in need of something uplifting and positive, you might like to visit the Playing for Change website to listen to other videos and learn more about their music education initiatives.  Their work is a reminder of the greatness we are capable of when we work together towards a common purpose.  Imagine.


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