Posted by: elightkeeper | March 10, 2010

To the lighthouse

For some time now,  I’ve been looking out to sea with my thoughts and ideas. I wasn’t sure how to begin writing this blog.  I would look out and see a storm brewing out over the water of my words.  I was unnerved. It is hard to imagine leaving a safe shore. It is hard to hear one’s own voice in a gale force wind.

In the past few months, I’ve started and abandoned all kinds of posts and blamed the weather. Not a good day to hoist a sail.  Too choppy to kayak across open water.  I would get as far as dragging an idea to the shoreline, but then I’d bail on it before it had a chance to prove to me that it could stay afloat and carry me. 

That’s the writing process: It’s a leaky boat that may sink if you aren’t prepared to paddle your arms off and get your feet wet.  One has to learn to trust the process. It is also helpful to know how to swim.


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